Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh, how I love September in Orlando.

The food is on! Orlando friends, don't forget to participate in the Magical Dining Month! For an extra bonus, one dollar from each meal sold goes to support the Art and Culture Alliance of Central Florida.

I started the month off by dining with my good friends at Le Coq Au Vin. I started with the Soupe a L'Oignon, enjoyed the Coq Au Vin with a side of Lobster Mac n Cheese for my entree, and finished up with the fantastic Crepe Suzzette.

*I wish I had a nicer picture for you guys...but some jerks broke into my house the other day and took off with a bunch of stuff, including my camera. (And my Boar's Head turkey. Urgh. They went through my fridge.) I wish I was there when they reviewed the pictures on the camera. Beautiful shots of the cupcakes from Blue Bird Bake Shop. Jerks.

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