Wednesday, January 27, 2010

903 Mills Market

I kinda feel like an ass.

I've been living in the new place for about seven months now, and I have just made it to 903 Mills Market. Which is less than a mile from my house. And I could easily walk there. And I drive by often. Whatever, at least I finally made it there. And I know that I'll make it there again.

I love the neighborhoody atmosphere of this restaurant. The outside patio is hip and inviting (to both those dining and those driving by!). Food is ordered at the counter and then brought to your table. I felt a bit of pressure trying to decide what to order with the hoards of people coming in behind us, but besides that the service was super quick.

I decided to be somewhat healthy and have the 1/2 and 1/2 combo. I went for one of my all time fav sammies-the California Club. It was tasty with Turkey, Avocado, Bacon, Lettuce and Swiss served on toasted Sourdough. (Eek, fine, I have to admit that I prefer the California Club at Pom Poms. I think they have more mushy Avocado. But this was a close second.) The other half of my combo was the Lake Eola Spinach Salad. It was the usual suspects: Spinach, Almonds, dried Cranberries and Blue Cheese. I had the Raspberry Vin for my dressing which was flavorful and balanced with a surprisingly thick consistency. The highlight was the crazy huge amount of fresh Spinach which was really a bang for your buck.

We also shared a bottle CA table wine which was good, but not very memorable. As in I forget the name. But overall the wine selection is fun and well priced. Check out their website for info on a wine club and classes.

And fine. Next time I go I'll walk!

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Lisa said...

I love that it took you 7 months to check it out. I also moved into the neighborhood just recently and never ever stopped in. My kitchen was out of commission today (painter) and I picked up their breakfast bowl in the morning. It was so good, I went back for a cuban for lunch! Clearly, I am hooked if I'm googling it...

Have a good day.

Kate said...

My next step is to walk over on Sunday mornings! But it was sooo nice to sit outside and drink wine that I may keep it as an evening place!