Friday, March 19, 2010


Straight off the bat, I'm not going to lie. Enzo's is definitely one of our family "occasion" restaurants. As in the "Where should we go for your birthday?" type of place. Ironically my father, mother and I celebrated my 16th birthday there. So when my brother suggested Enzo's for his birthday dinner this year, it was fine by me. And I literally was in anticipation all week for the dinner.

The usual Kate's Kitchen family dinner at Enzos always starts out the same. We split an entree of the Bucatini alla Enzo as an app. Words can hardly describe how I feel about the Bucatini. Perfectly seasoned with hints of black pepper and the rich balance between the saltiness of the prosciutto and sweetness of the peas make this probably my favorite pasta dish. Tonight was extra special: we got a prime table by the windows over looking the lake. As we were eating our Bucatini, we watched the lovely sunset. And I'll say this right now, quickly. If, by chance I do ever get married, I would love to have it at Enzo's. There, I said it. Don't tell anyone.

Anyway, I also ordered my favorite entree: the Sogliola al Limone (Dover Sole). The first time I had Dover Sole was in Paris, and I thought that I'd never find a dish in the US that could compare. But this was does. It was literally melt-in-you-mouth goodness. The fresh and perfectly cooked fish is topped with a very light butter sauce. De-boning is a tableside service that adds to the elegance of the dish.

We finished off the meal with a slice of the Italian Wedding cake. Moist with a not too sweet whipped icing, it had chunks of fresh strawberry and kiwi between each layer. The wine list is also outstanding with a great variety of all the heavy hitting Italian favorites. My stepmom I enjoyed a rich Vermentino with the Sole that was a nice pairing with the butter sauce. My father and brother had voluminous Brunello that was perfect with their Filets.

If you get a chance, I'd highly recommend Enzo's. The location is a bit odd, up in Longwood on 17-92. But it is worth the trip. Especially at sunset.

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