Friday, March 19, 2010

Seito Sushi

One word: Torchamaki.

I've been saying for quite some time now that Seito is my favorite sushi restaurant in town. It's not overly authentic, but I like my sushi to be, well, fun. I have no problem experimenting with new sauces or even *gasp* fruit on/in my rolls. So if you're a sushi snob, you might want to stop reading.

The last time I was at the Seito in Baldwin Park, I had a great honor bestowed upon me. It was over the holidays, and my brother and sister (visiting from Houston) and I stopped by for a quick dinner. We were seated in the newly expanded portion of the restaurant, and then were told by our server that we were the first customers to eat the booth we were occupying! So, this entry is long overdue.

My favorite roll is the Torchamaki. The roll is filled with a spicy crawfish salad and topped with a thin slice of white fish, which is then "torched". If you're close enough to the sushi bar, you will know when this roll is just about done: you can literally smell the fish blackening. This roll is so rich in flavors that personally I can only eat two or three pieces. It's best balanced out with a light roll!

A light alternative is the Kani Su roll. It has it's own uniqueness: crab (or should I say, Krab?) wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber with a light sunomono sauce (similar to a light vinaigrette). This roll is almost like a palate cleanser. For those of us who don't enjoy ginger.

My other favorites are the Popeye roll: fresh spinach, shrimp and crab wrapped in rice paper and served with an eel sauce as well as the Sweetheart roll: coconut shrimp, mango, cream cheese, apricot glaze and eel sauce (it literally tastes like the beach!).

I've been to other Seito locations in town, but Baldwin is my favorite. The restaurant is comfortable and hip with a big city feel. I've made a pretty important decision in my current "Good Luck Chuck" status: I will never take a first date to Seito ever again. Or anyone I haven't been dating for more than two months, for that matter. I'm done with gazing into a stranger's eyes and seeing them light up as they taste the Torchamaki for the first time. Seriously, this roll is so good that deserves a bit more respect!

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