Friday, July 16, 2010

Here's...The Skinny on Us.

Ok folks, I have a new project. One that isn't exactly easy to write about...or talk about...or even think about. Weight Loss.

It's not a surprise that I need to lose some weight. I know this sounds pretty ridiculous, considering that I write a food blog. But here's the thing: I'm not out on the town boozing it up at fancy restaurants every night of the week. I even bring my lunch to work everyday. (And I work in a culinary school!!) I know that I'll never be "one of those stupid skinny people" like a friend of mine says,but I sure as hell can be a lot skinnier than I am now.

After much complaining, two friends and I decided to take some action.

So here's the plan: The Skinny on Us. Three Chefs, One Blog.

We decided to go with the old stanby, our cornerstone friend WW. Otherwise known as Weight Watchers. Easy enough, right? People form weight loss clubs all the time. Because the buddy system works best. But here's our take: time is short for all of us, so we decided to also go the Community Cooking route. We'll each cook one week a month for everyone, and the fourth week will be all about freezer cleanout. How does this affect you reading this blog? Well, every week you'll get an original recipe with point info. Cool, huh?

So without any further adieu, here are the contestants:

Goal: "To feel more comfortable in my skin."

Goal: "To be a MILF."

Goal: "To be a HOT bride and be able to button my f@!#&@ pants."

There's not exactly an end date....but we'll seriously reassess right before the big wedding in November. In the meantime, I'll keep a running tally of percentage lost on the right side bar.

And, don't freak people. I fully intend to keep my flex points for going out to a restaurant (notice I said "a restaurant". Yep, only one.) each weekend.

I would also like to say that this is in no way shape or form a contest. Because in the end we will all win. Blach. This is totally a contest. The winner gets gloating rights.

So here we go. No surgery. No pills. Just the good old fashioned Suck It Up and Get It Done.


Kathleen said...

Holy crap -- here we go......

Christine said...

This looks fun! Like the biggest loser. =)