Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kata Thai

Picture this. The Saturday before Valentines Day. I went out with a friend for an impromptu dinner, only to realize that every restaurant in Winter Park was fully booked. Sans reservations, we headed over to one of our favorite stand-bys: Kata Thai.

I've always considered Kata to be one of my favorites in town for outside dining. There's not a fancy view or anything, but rather garden-like surrounding tucked away behind the building. This night, however, we sat inside because it was pretty chilly. Both inside and out. I don't think they actually have heating in the building. But whatever, the ambiance inside is comfortable and hip without being snooty in any way. So we kept our jackets on, ordered some hot Saki and quickly warmed up.

We started with the Gyoza-pan fried pork vegetable dumplings. Sounds fancy, but they are basically just potstickers. Yummy, yummy potstickers. While considered more of a Japanese dish, the Gyoza fit right in at Kata. It was tender, not greasy and very flavorful.

My entree came with both Miso soup (aka gymsocksoup) and a house salad with Peanut dressing. The usual fare for Thai restaurants, but never a disappointment.

I went ahead and ordered the dish that always brings me back to Kata-the Panang Curry. I can fully admit that my interest in curries is really only beginning. I really didn't care for the taste when I was younger, and granted this is a milder and sweeter version, but I honestly could eat of a bowl of this anytime, anywhere.

This dish is a perfect combination between sweet and spicy. The coconut milk gives the Panang a fantastic creaminess while at the same time the Kafir lime brings about a hint of tang. I ordered the Tofu (really because Asian is my favorite cuisine for Tofu) and also enjoyed the green beans and red peppers that were served with the curry.

I know that Thai restaurants in Orlando are about a dime a dozen. But I always keep Kata at the top of my list and recommend that you do too!

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