Monday, January 25, 2010

Stonewood Grill

I have two words for you: Chicken Potpie.

I've been going to Stonewood Grill for years down in Ft. Myers. "The" Stonewood (as my grandma calls it) is a favorite down there and is always jam packed during the season. (I'm sure the 2 for 1 house wine happy hour also helps.) Regardless, I rarely go here in Orlando because it seems that I live directly in between both Orlando locations. Longwood and Dr. Phillips. But during the freaky cold snap a few weeks ago, I only had one thing on my mind for a Saturday night dinner. That's right. Chicken Potpie.

While perusing the menu (or pretending to peruse-I already knew what I wanted), I sipped on a Pama Pear Martini. It was on the sweet side with Pear Vodka and Pama Liqueur but was topped off with some fresh Sage leaves. The Sage brought some savoriness to the drink...not in flavor but in aroma.

I started my meal with half of the Asparagus and Brie Salad. Quite yummy, the greens were fresh and the "good stuff" was abundant. And when I say "good stuff" I mean: grilled Asparagus, melt-in-your-mouth Prosciutto, super thin onion rings and chunks of Brie. The Balsamic dressing is good and tangy, but overall my salad was a bit dry.

I'm typically an adventurous eater. But....I've only had one entree at The Stonewood. I don't know what it is about "The" Potpie. Perfectly cooked Pea and Carrots. The hunks of Chicken. The flavorful sauce. The flaky Puff Pastry topping everything off. On their own, these are all good ingredients. But throw them all together, and they make a great dish.

We shared a bottle of the Liberty School Cab from Paso Robles....a bit heavy for the entrees but the with the cold weather, there's nothing better than a big Cab to warm you up.

Don't judge me for this entry. I often make fun of those who review chains on their blog. Because really, I don't care how you feel about Burger King. At the same time, I go to chain restaurants. Because sometimes they really do work. And Stonewood is a great example of this. Stonewood is comfortable, easy and classy all at the same time. And most importantly, the food is good! Or at least the Chicken Potpie is.

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AmandaRose said...

That sounds delicious! Is it a franchise or indpendent?

Kate said...

It's a franchise. One in Dr. Phillips. One in Longwood. I'm smack in the I don't get there often!