Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green Lemon Cafe

Stopped by Green Lemon Cafe last night for a quick bite.....and I have to admit that I'm already thinking about my next trip!

My family has a long history of being in love with crepes. (Although we think of them as Sweedish Pancakes. My grandmother reports that her recipe came over with her mother on the boat from Sweeden. By the way, my great great aunt was on a ship that hit an iceberg during one of these trips from Sweeden. But that's a story for another time!) Because of this I've always had a special place in my heart for these thin pancakes.

So I was thrilled to (finally) hear about the Green Lemon Cafe. I had the Prosciutto and Fig. Delicious but quite rich! I was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of Prosciutto (Boar's Head at that!) and found the Fig preserves to be not overly sweet. Add in a filling of Blue Cheese and I was a happy camper.

We split a Smores Crepe for dessert. It contained the usual suspects: Chocolate, Marshmellow and Graham Crackers crumbles. This crepe was VERY sweet so do not attempt it alone! Also, ask them to skip the powered sugar on top....I think it added too much sweetness plus I inhaled some on accident and started choking.

Make sure to check out the massive crepe griddles they have for production. They dwarf my William Sonoma crepe pan and I'm seriously jealous.

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