Friday, May 28, 2010

Wine World Outlet

So I got a mailer last week for a new wine store close to my house. They advertised low prices and tastings every Friday night. Whatever, you guys know me. I headed out on a rainy Friday night to check out the new place and try some wines.

Looks like Wine World is a Florida chain, and the Orlando location opened three months ago. (For the record, it's in the Publix shopping plaza at Orange and Michigan. I visit that plaza multiple times a week, but never noticed this place until they sent a mailer to my house.)

The wine selection was decent, but I was a bit confused by the organization of the store. To the right there were wines organized by the grape. To the left were wines organized by the region. In the back there were wines organized by nothing. In the middle was a wine tasting. So I headed that way.

The employees were attentive, but not overly nice. And there was plenty of pretentious wine speak abound. My attempts at conversation pretty much got me nowhere, but I did try some decent wines and a microbrew from Atlanta.

The best news of the visit was the Pricipessa Gavi. I wrote about this Gavi last week, and was plesantly surprised to find it for $12.99. Overall prices were good here, and the selection does beat out Publix. Even with their new Liquor Store location.

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