Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rocks on the River

Friday night we decided to just kinda see what would happen so we started the night at Moon River Brewing Company to sample some local beers and just sit for a bit. I was impressed by their Wheat beer and found the space warm and inviting.

Not wanting to wander in the weather, we ended up heading across the street to try Rocks on the River, located on the river level of The Bohemian Hotel-a distant cousin of ours here in Orlando. I know what you're thinking...a hotel restaurant? But I had read some positive reviews on Urbanspoon and at this point it was getting really cold out.

And I have to admit that I liked this place! The decor was modern but comfortable and not pretentious in any way. Our table was amazing with a surprise! river view. And this was the first time in Savannah where I actually liked our server. Competent and polite she added a bit of fine dining feeling to the meal. (Another admission: at this point I became a full fledged tourist... because I just had to have a Georgia Peach Martini.)

We both started with soup (again!) because really, who can resist Corn and Leek Chowder. As opposed to the She Crab debacle at lunch, I ate every bite of this soup. It was chunky-but in a chock full of veggies kinda way! This soup was flavorful and tasted, well, fresh. The veggies were perfectly cooked and not mushy in any way.

For dinner I ordered the Meatloaf. Not something that I would usually jump at. I'm just not a meatloaf type of girl But the combo of a nice hot meal plus a recommendation on Urbanspoon led to making a pretty good decision. This meatloaf was pretty tasty. Made with both beef and Italian Sausage, it was probably the most unusual style of meatloaf that I have had. Not sure how often I'd get it, but if you are a fan of the sausage, you'll love it.

It was served with an earthy Mushroom Sauce (that went perfect with our Pinot Noir), Mashed Potatoes (good but not nearly as good as my stepmom's) and some freaky waxy Green Beans (I'm guessing frozen).

We skipped dessert but walked out with our leftover wine in plastic cups (makes me miss NOLA!). While it wasn't quite the traditional Savannah fare, I would still recommend this restaurant if you're ever in the neighborhood.

Stay of my top five favorite meals ever is next!

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Rocks on the River on Urbanspoon

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