Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh Sa-vannah!

Just got back from my first super (but cold) trip to Savannah!
Lots of food to discuss. Some great, and, well, some not so great. I figure I'll go through everything in chronological order over the next few days.

We rented an amazing townhouse in the Historic District that looked over Savannah's second oldest cemetery. There are about 160 tombstones but it's estimated that up to 14,000 people are buried in "trench" graves after the war and the Yellow Fever outbreak. I'm giving you some background because I think our townhouse was a bit haunted! (As opposed to a lot haunted.) Or maybe it was just my imagination when I heard someone running around on the top floor. When I was alone in the house on Friday. And again at 2am this morning. In the pitch darkness. When I was too afraid to leave my bed to go to the bathroom.

While you're waiting for food talk, here's a picture of a tombstone we walked by a few times. Look closely. Seems to be some typos.

Josiah Muir, died 1820 at age 11. His wife Mary died 3 years later at age 17. Their son Lewis died at age 12, 17 days after his dad.

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