Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alligator Soul

I should have known. I'm usually pretty good about following my intuition (sometimes I think it's even borderline psychic abilities) but what are you supposed to do when you are standing in front of the hostess and you just kinda want to run?

Here's what happened: we walked in to Alligator Soul to find the hostess and (our future) server in an argument. As in, why would you do that in front of other people, much less guests? type of argument. But I had already had my first Vodka/Pomegranate/Blueberry wonder and it was New Years Eve so what were my options?

After being seated at the most awkward table ever (literally in the doorway between two rooms) we were presented with this:

A complementary cocktail and amuse bouche. The bubbly was perfect; the culinary 101 amuse had some serious textural challenges with the Salmon Mousse.

We shared an order of Shrimp and Grits as an appetizer (it was our first night in Savannah after all) that was flavorful but again, gritty and texturally challenged. You know when you're on a budget and buy el cheapo cheese that just doesn't melt right? This was the issue.

My entree choice was a special: local black Grouper with Stewed Tomatoes and Okra, Polenta and a Sambuca cream sauce. My fault on mis-ordering. One bite and I had a flashback to the Grouper with Amaretto sauce incident I had last year at Zenzi in Orlando. I've finally decided (and will remember in the future!) that I really just don't prefer fish with sweet cream sauces. Yelk. Plus, I'm not entirely convinced that the tomatoes were not canned. And honestly, I was probably only drawn in by the mention of Sambuca. Which is best left to dessert.

We finished our meal with Banana Beignets that were really just tempura fried bananas but also with the best parts of the night: An amazing Cabernet based Mulled Wine and a recommendation from our server for a bar to ring out the old year.

Bottom line: Alligator Soul is really trying to be fine dining and they have the prices to prove it! But it really missed the mark. If I lived in Savannah, I'd probably give it another try. But I don't, so I probably won't return.

After dinner we headed out for drinks at the aforementioned bar. I wish the Mercury Lounge would transplant itself down to Orlando! The jukebox was full of Blues and Motown and the band (whose name for the life of me I can't remember; I even tried looking it up) had the craziest harmonica player eva!

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