Monday, January 26, 2009

Snubbed at Fifis?

Headed out to brunch with some friends on Sunday and a very interesting thing happened. I think we were snubbed at Fifis!

I've written about Fifis before and actually have had an enjoyable time there. But I was shocked when the hostess told us (after we had already waited 20 minutes) that the kitchen was backed up and they were no longer seating people for brunch. We offered to sit and order drinks and relax while the kitchen caught up, but that offer was turned down. On our way out, a quick look back at the restaurant confirmed our belief when we saw new customers taking a seat at an outside table.

And, for the record, we are certainly not the "Santuary" crowd that adorns the streets on Sunday afternoons. But we were all dressed very respectably, and lets face it, I go to the farmers market almost every weekend. I've read that Fifis will actually be closing soon to change it's concept, so maybe they were just really overwhelmed. And, maybe it's just as well that we did not spend our money there.

The brunch was not lost however. The good old standby brunch over at Hue welcomed us with open arms and two dollar mimosas.

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