Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holidays 2008, A Few Weeks Overdue

I went a bit crazy this past holiday season with my newly acquired glue gun.

Cork Tree, two Berry Trees, Cork Star and Cork Wreath

This was my favorite, the Cork Wreath that I gave to my Dad.

We also started a new holiday tradition: Ableskivers! Ableskivers are a Danish spherical pastry that are described as a hybrid between a pancake and a popover. My great uncle who recently passed had made these for years, and my Dad got a new pan this year to make them for us on Christmas morning.

Ableskivers are not overly sweet, but he filled them with either a berry jam or a chocolate espresso cream. They were served with both syrup or (my preferred) whipped cream.
Rich and decadent, they were the perfect start to the holiday!

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