Saturday, January 10, 2009

Answers to the pictures posted below:

1. Charleston, SC
Very cool place! Make sure you check out SNOB (Slightly North Of Broad) a fantastic restaurant downtown. I had the local Triggerfish with Farro and it was fantastic! Ok, not just fantastic. Amazing!

2. Boston, MA
Got stuck in Boston one night while trying to get to Bermuda. Instead of wallowing in my hotel room by the airport, I took a cab downtown and went to the infamous Union Oyster House where I had the perfect Boston meal: Clam Chowder (for the record, the best I've ever ever had!), Lobster and of course my fav Sam Adams.

3. After my brief stop on New England I finally made it to Bermuda for Luci's wedding!

Yes, it really is this beautiful!

And yes, this is the only picture you'll see of me in a bathing suit!

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