Monday, January 28, 2008

Rainy Weekend

Had a fantastic but quick weekend.

Went to the school’s graduation on Saturday morning then headed over to the Reunion Resort for a nice lunch. Reunion is a private resort community but we were able to sneak in under the guise of knowing the food and beverage manager. We had the pleasure of sampling the new Asian inspired menu at Eleven, the restaurant on the top floor of the Grande. First off, the view was amazing, and I’d pay big bucks just to lounge by the rooftop pool. We sampled lots of food (ever pull the “We’ll take the left side of the menu” before?). Everything was super beautiful and delicious. One of the highlights was the sweet-crusted Salmon with Miso Eggplant (ala Nobu) and Edamame Fried Rice. Also yummy were the Crab and Pork Shu Mai, or opened faced dumplings. I had neither a notepad nor a camera with me, so the meal wasn’t exactly well documented. But right when the dessert was served I realized that some people might have one of those camera phone things. So here’s a picture of the Chocolate Fondue compliments of JR and his snazzy phone.

My rainy Saturday evening consisted a trip down to south Orlando for a pedicure and a meal at Fusion 7 on JYP. I had heard about this restaurant/lounge from students and figured I might as well try it. We started off with a bottle of Viognier (or as I call it, “Vion Yay!”) from South Africa and decided to split a few apps for dinner (mainly due to the steep price of the entrees). We started with Calamari, a good standby. Then came the Crab and Avocado salad, Bruschetta with Chorizo, and the Mediterranean platter (seen below).

The highlight was the tasty Chorizo Bruschetta-it really brought an extra element to the dish. The Crab and Avocado salad was light, fresh and quite a large portion for seven dollars. But the platter, at twenty-one dollars, was a bit of a let down. While the stuffed cabbage was delicious, the stuffed grape leaf (yes, leaf-we only got one) and Tabouleh were inedible.

Overall the night was a success-great company and even greater wine. But I was a bit confused by this establishment….is it a restaurant or a nightclub or both? The strobe light definitely took away from the calming Mediterranean décor and karaoke was starting as we finished out meal. Apparently when the kitchen closes it's the hottest hangout on the JYP. But kudos for the organized and interesting wine list.

*One quick note on Fusion 7, the menu on the website is NOT a representation of the actual menu offered in house.

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