Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Few Quick Notes

Hey all! Here’s a quick update of the past few days….

Season’s 52

Went to Season’s 52 for dinner Sunday night.
Alright, before anyone starts screaming “Hypocrite!” at their computers, I realize that I have been pretty vocal about my Season’s misgivings. You know, the whole illegal health questions on the job application thing. (I still want to do an undercover sting operation!)

That being said, the food is consistently really really good. We met up for a family dinner (sans Dave who was on a golfing man-cation) at the Altamonte location. Once we found a booth in the bar area, we had our two favorite flatbreads: Vine ripe tomato and Steak, mushroom and bleu cheese. Half the table had salads-my Summer Salad was ok with the toasted pumpkin seeds, but the vinaigrette was soooo acidic that not only couldn’t I finish it, but it also made my nose run.

For entrees Matt had the Trout, Tracy had the Veggie plate and Dad, Mary and I all had the Filet (Med Rare, extra veggies for me). My meat was over cooked, so my dad traded with me so that I had the perfectly sized and cooked piece. (Thanks, Dad!) The filet was served with a fantastic green peppercorn sauce, and the asparagus were absolutely perfect (although I’m sure quite pricey at this point of the season!)

We finished the meal with a few of those adorable desserts (Red Velvet, Tiramisu, Key Lime Pie and the new PB chocolate one) and some great conversation.


Tuesday I met Tracey and Annette for lunch at the ever-popular Infusion Tea (at their newly expanded location on Edgewater Dr.). Our sandwiches/wraps were good, but both Tracey and Annette reported the Gazpacho to be very thick and described it as “kinda like salsa”. I think it worked better when they used the Pita Chips from my plate to scoop and eat. Annette raved about the beautiful Garibaldi sandwich with Ricotta, Roasted Red Peppers and Spinach, and I enjoyed my hummus and veggie wrap.

I did have my first disappointment with an iced tea at Infusion; I found the Green Moroccan Mint very bitter and astringent. So to make up for it I got a few of the sample sizes to try some new flavors: Blackberry Sage, Mint to be Mate, and Happy Tummy (yes, an herbal blend to soothe achy stomachs!)

One quick note: I found the “order at the counter” system to be rather cumbersome and time consuming. If you are thinking about going for lunch during the golden hour, prepare for a long wait both to order and then to eat. And, quite honestly, some of the people who work there weren't exactly, um...nice. I found myself more agitated than relaxed after this visit. But they do have (in my opinion) the best tea selection in town so I'm sure I'll be returning.

I'm off to NYC for the weekend....check back next week for fun filled posts!

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Annette said...

The sammy looks like it's sticking it's tounge out! Have fun in NYC!

Amity said...

Great work.