Friday, July 20, 2007

Cooking 101

So, this being my inaugural blog, I thought I would just take a minute and address what my true goal of this blog is and a little bit about myself. I also admit that this is my first blogging attempt ever, so please be gentle with me!

I consider myself still new to the foodie world, having finished my culinary education in 2002, and really working a wide variety of jobs ever since. I currently own and operate a small personal chef business as well as teaching culinary education at Orlando Culinary Academy. I started teaching about 2 years ago at a local public “culinary” school, basically a place where people showed up with a bottle of wine for a night of fun cooking and eating. Don’t get me wrong, I loved (almost) every minute of it, but my insights and mindset of teaching have changed after working with so many individuals who literally sleep, eat and breathe cooking. I myself learn something new everyday I walk down those halls, and am continuously inspired by the freshly washed faces and eager eyes, waiting to learn.

As far as my own continued food education, I am extremely lucky to have a handful of clients that I experiment and cook for. Everyone says it, and everyone is right: it’s not all that fun to cook for one person. Yes, I'm single and I live alone. I get lazy cooking for myself. Steamed zucchini and lentils are a very suitable dinner! Cheese and mushroom omelet? Easy and delicious. Irish instant oatmeal with cinnamon? Just what I’m craving. You get the drift. So really it is a perfect situation cooking for other people in their own kitchens. And thank goodness my clients are right there by my side the whole time, willing and enthusiastic to try something new.

Anyhoo, here's my plan for this blog site:
Recipe Discussion
Restaurant Commentaries
Wines, Beer and all that good stuff
Anything else in my life I find pertinent to write about

Hope that sounds good to you and remember I welcome all questions and comments!!


jwettach said...

Awesome! (Your Matambra was outstanding, btw!) Looking forward to more great foodie updates!

Amy said...

I luv blueberries too! I can't wait to try the chutney. Good tip about the ginger paste, I've seen it before but wasn't sure how good it would be.