Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Habana Grill

"Don't judge me."

That's what I said to my brother Saturday during lunch at Habana Grill. After my second Mojito and just before I ordered the third.

Hands down, the best Mojito in town. (I've been told by one of the bartenders that their secret is Bacardi Limon.)

And, in huge news, I've also decided that Habana Grill is also home to my favorite sandwich: the Media Noche. It's your typical Cuban sandwich....but served on Media Noche (sweet Cuban) bread. Pressed and served with plantain chips, you really cannot go wrong. We also ordered a side of the fantastic Garlic Yucca Mash with lunch-mainly as a dip for the plantains (yep, I dip my starch in starch).

Great food + Great service + Great Mojitos = Great Restaurant

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