Sunday, November 15, 2009

Downtown Food and Wine Festival

Finally made it this afternoon to the Downtown Food and Wine Fest. And all I have to say is..."Eh".

I'd been looking forward to a beautiful afternoon of food and wine all week. And today all the cards were in play: great weather, freaky fantastic parking, the best company I could imagine, and well, I looked good. But the fest really lacked that "world-class culinary event" that I was promised on the brochure.

I won't bore you with details about the stalls I did not approach: PF Chang's, Pei Wei, Panera, Funky Monkey, etc. And the ones I did sample really did not blow me out of the water. The only highlights were Black Olive with a tasty Artichoke and Olive Crostini and Prima with their Arincini (fried balls of risotto). I haven't been to either restaurant but they are both officially on the list of places to go.

I'd also been soaking some Farro all day so I came home and went ahead and cooked the salad I'd been planning for the week. Had a few bites and realized it was better than anything I'd tried this afternoon! (Recipe to follow!)

At this point I probably won't go next year, but if for some reason my selective memory kicks in and I only remember Primo, I'll make sure to buy my ticket early and only pay $10.

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